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Google Domains is Google Inc.’s official registrar service(currently in beta) where you can register/transfer a domain name, get hosting, and build a site.  Google quotes it as, “The best of the internet backed by the security of Google.”  The site is simplistic in it’s design and since the UI is fairly limited and is devoid of up-selling wizards and menus to navigate though, it’s very easy to register your domain name.  The cost is a to register a domain is  a flat $12(USD) which includes Whois Privacy protection.  The price includes e-mail alias forwarding.  I have never used their support so, I can’t vouch for them about that but they are available  24 hours by chat and email and by phone 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM US Pacific.

Having used,,, and Network Solutions, the Internet’s first registrar(with whom  also I’ve worked for),  I can say that it is the fastest way to lookup and register a domain. is way overpriced.  GoDaddy has some unscrupulous marketing tactics and sometimes I find out that after searching for a new domain, if I don’t register it fast enough(within minutes/hours), it becomes registered by a known cybersquatter.   It also could be just that company’s scanning of inputted strings/domain names on it’s previous search page which was un-encrypted traffic.   Don’t forget GoDaddy’s previous unsavory PR scandals couple and that with GoDaddy’s site being fraught with a maze of up-selling add-on services while have great deals may deter anyone from registering their domain(s) with GoDaddy.     NameCheap is a reputable company and is a fervent supporter of the EFF/Internet Freedom and I trust them completely but they don’t include domain privacy in their domain registration pricing. So,  I have chosen  to move all my domains to Google Domains but I’ve come across issues registering a .club TLD that was priced at $13 while others priced it around $75.  The transaction failed multiple times until I got it through my head that the transaction will indefinitely.  Needless to say, when I tried registering it the transaction failed a 7th and final time and I had to register that domain with NameCheap who didn’t have an issue registering it on my behalf with the .Club Domains, LLC registry.

I still hold reservations on transferring in all my domain names over to Google just because they generally have most your information already(if you have a Gmail account) and I’d still want to ensure they don’t have the monopoly on the all Internet services I use, specifically the domain I use for my primary e-mail account.  NameCheap the the company I would trust the most with my prized domains name.  It’s not wise to not rely on one company, especially if that company has in general all your information and has shown the past to close up shop or switch focus on the services you come to use and love: Google Reader & Google+.  I can always redirect the domain and self host my own website and e-mail accounts anywhere else is it becomes an issue that Google domains becomes defunct.

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