Suicide Squad

“Don’t be immature, You play with fire you’ll get burned”

It pretty much encompasses the theme plus my feelings and opinions towards the movie, Suicide Squad.  If you came with an open mind and no previous ties to the comic book story line, you won’t get burned too badly by this movie.  I’ve previously had brief introductions to a few of prominent characters in this film; those I’ve seen from previous DC Comics franchise cartoons(Justice League and Batman).  If you’re extremely passionate about something, it may be your weakness and you will eventually get burned.

***Warning: Possible Spoilers****

The scenes in the movie we needlessly dark and when I meant dark the movie felt like someone added a more opaque filter on the lens; the day scenes looked as if they we’re filmed in the early evening. The soundtrack for the Suicide Squad movie was apropos and nostalgic to how sometimes you just want to have fun but did appear the have been added to kind of wake up the audience but if you listened to the lyrics some of them had real punk rock roots.  If you like Will Smith, the you’ll enjoy Will Smith’s Deadshot. He’s the anti-hero protagonist you’d be rooting for.  Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was basically the gag or punchline generator, who usually while campy and corny, you’ll get that was what Harley Quinn was kind of known for, while she was crazy and deadly when was always down for good laugh. Oscar winner, Jared Leto portrayed his version of the Joker and in my opinion only 2nd best preferred version to all of the Joker’s cinematic appearances, and won’t still won’t hold a candle to Heath Ledger’s rendition of the criminal mastermind whose warped, sadistic sense of humor and goofy prankster we’ve all come to know and love. I believe this movie with a jumping of point for Joker’s own movie or a the very least more screen time/ cameo appearances in the numerous DC movies to come.  Their warped “love” displayed in the film, provided a little exposition to both Harley Quinn and the Joker’s story line. Viola Davis portrays Amanda Waller and is very much like the bad ass that she is portrayed as the government liaison who has gathered these criminal meta-human misfits to fend off threats of America’s national security. Rick Flag, like Waller’s character are regular humans who somehow managed to manage most of the time what would seem to the a group an unmanageable motley crew. I feel the rest of the cast are throwaways and will only been in this film; they either didn’t lend much to plot and their presence was lack luster at best or wasn’t developed more, maybe with exception to Katana and Diablo, who I thought had a interesting/ relatable backstory that wasn’t introduced until later in the film.

The theme of the story I feel played off sometimes well and sometime fell completely flat was every individual’s choices/passions that got them in the mess they were already in or are going to be in as the movie progresses. Their individual back stories, some flushed out and others were completely superficial. Amanda Waller’s idea(“to fight fire with fire”) to somehow manage super powered beings with exception for Harley whose only really enhanced because she’s crazy. Flags’s love for a certain individual, Harley’s mad love for the Joker compelled them to do what normal people would do, I guess love messes you up quite a bit. Deadshot’s only shining positive human attribute was his love for his child Zoe, who’s brief performance was sometimes unfortunately cringe worthy. The plot was hastened which negatively impacted some of the character’s character development while at times with seemed to be a lot of talk for no added value to make the big bad in the movie was that more ominous.

I enjoyed the movie. If you didn’t have any expectations to what you wanted/were going to see, I think you it’ll be an enjoyable movie and better than Batman VS Superman. I felt it had a punk rock ideology/sensibilities that it somewhat aimed for but somewhat failed to hit the mark dead on. I also wanted to see more fight scenes that showed of the characters enhanced fighting abilities, like Harley Quinn and Katana.

Characters Assembled:
Deadshot portrayed by Will Smith

Harley Quinn portrayed by Margot Robbie

Rick Flag portrayed by Joel Kinnaman

Diablo portrayed by Jay Hernandez

Enchantress portrayed by Cara Delevingne

Katana portrayed by Karen Fukuhara

Captain Boomerang portrayed by Jai Courtney

Slipnot portrayed by Adam Beach

Amanda Waller portrayed by Viola Davis

Notable Cameos/ Characters:

The Joker portrayed by Jared Leto

Batman portrayed by Ben Affleck

The Flash portrayed by Ezra Miller

A Bunch of Mixed-up Nuts
Soundtrack / Music 89%
Comedy 87%
Acting 85%
Visual Effects 84%
Plot 84%
A Bunch of Mixed Misfits Gathered
86 %
Crazy* Fun
User Rating : 0 (0 votes)
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